Restricting Rights of Felons

barbed wire prison fenceMost states in the U.S. restrict certain rights of convicted felons in some shape or form. Michigan is one of these states, so it is important to know your rights to continue living life to the fullest and exercising the rights you have been afforded. The exact terms of a felon’s sentence, parole, probation, or other conditions often determine which rights may be curtailed, but understanding the general rights of convicted felons in Michigan can help clarify this often muddled process.

Understanding Your Rights

Michigan typically restricts several rights of convicted felons. Felons are barred from voting while in prison, but voting rights are restored upon completion of the sentence. Felons are prohibited from possessing or obtaining firearms and are not permitted to carry concealed weapons. However, some felons may have their firearm privileges restored on a case by case basis. Convicted felons may not serve as a juror. Additionally, felons are often denied certain occupational licenses, such as Michigan casino or liquor licenses.

While these rights are often restricted from felons, in certain instances, these rights may be allowed or restored after probation or parole. That’s why understanding your rights carries such importance! Call our team today at (855) 264-2245 for questions about the rights of convicted felons!

Legal Controversy: Jury Nullification

jury nullificationOver the course of history, civilization’s legal systems have become more and more convoluted. Because we live in a democracy, we need to spend some time informing ourselves about our legal system since it directly affects us. To that end, we’d like to discuss one specific legal controversy here: jury nullification.

How it works:

In modern America, the court instructs the jury to base their verdict on the facts of the case without considering the justice of the law itself. However, if a jury acquits the defendant based on a disagreement on the law in question, the court must uphold it. We call this jury nullification. Although, sometimes a juror will get removed if this motivation comes to light.

Jury nullification history:

This practice has a long history. Before America became an independent country, colonists often used it in maritime cases as well as cases of free speech. It has also gotten used to fight different controversial laws such as the Fugitive Slave Act and Prohibition.


Remember to try to keep yourself informed on the state of our legal system. As a citizen, you have some power to change it. If you should find yourself in need of bail services, All American Bail Bond Agency can help. Just give us a call to find out more. You can reach us at (855) 264-2245.

Legal Controversy: Civil Asset Forfeiture

traffic stopMany people consider America’s legal system a static thing; in fact, it changes all the time both with new law additions and new interpretations of old laws. It takes a lot to keep up with the current state, but it can help add to the influence of your vote and voice. Here, we’ll go over the legal controversy of Civil Asset Forfeiture.


Generally, the way our legal system works, the prosecution has to prove beyond all doubt a defendant’s guilt: “innocent until proven guilty”. However, with civil asset forfeiture, police don’t charge a person – they charge their stuff by accusing it of association with crime. Almost always, civil asset forfeiture gets used to combat drug use/selling. The owner of the charged property must go through the legal system to prove they got it legally.

Why does it raise controversy?

Because court fees usually amount to more than the worth of the property taken, most people never try to get their property back. Many point to the allocation of much of the funds back into the police department as an incentive to employ the practice for profit. Advocates of civil asset forfeiture say that they need it to combat drug users and drug dealers.


Stay informed, and you can help decide how legal practices like this get applied in the future. If you ever find yourself on the wrong side of the law, All American Bail Bond Agency can help. To find out more about us, just give us a call at (855) 264-2245.

8th Amendment Overview

Bill Of RightsCould you recite all the amendments in the Bill of Rights? If not, don’t worry, most people can’t. However, since as a country we take so much pride in our personal freedoms, maybe we should take some time to educate ourselves about them. To help you with that, we’ve created an overview of the 8th Amendment.

“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.” ~8th Amendment

The 8th Amendment has more to it than just allowing for bail bonds; in fact, it doesn’t explicitly allow for bail bonds, only they they shall not have an excessive cost. 

If some of these statements seem vague, lawyers and politicians think so too. It proves both a strength and a weakness for America. Many controversies arise from interpreting the language of the Bill Of Rights. For instance, many people consider capital punishment cruel and unusual, and therefore in violation of the 8th Amendment.

In America, almost everybody has a voice. If you educate yourself on current political climates, you can help control the direction of our country’s civil liberties.


Here at All American Bail Bond Agency, we’ll do our part to protect your 8th Amendment rights. If you need to post bail for yourself or a loved one, give one of our licensed agents a call; we’ll get you out fast. You can reach us at (855) 264-2245.

The Process Of Posting Bail?

If your friend or loved one gets arrested, no doubt you will feel an enormous amount of stress. Unfortunately, to get them out, you will need to begin the process of posting bail. While it might seem frustrating, the licensed bail bondsmen at All American Bail Bond Agency will gladly help you through it. We’ve gone over what the process looks like:

line of jail cells





Setting Bail:

Before you can even post a bond, the bail amount must get set by the judge. Unfortunately, they won’t come in on the weekend, so if you get arrested on Friday, you might have to wait a few days. The bail amount will vary based on a host of factors.

Posting Bail:

Luckily, a professional bail bondsman will happily do all the hard work involved with the bail process. Still, coming in with a few details can speed it up: defendant’s name, date of arrest, charge levied, jail held at, etc. If you can’t find this information, don’t worry; your bail agent will find it for you.


If you find yourself in need of bail bond services for a friend or a loved one, All American Bail Bond Agency can help. We’ll work hard to get them free as fast as possible. To find out more, give us a call at (855) 264-2245.

Recognizance Vs. Bail Bonds

We all know what a bail bond involves. But, how many people know that different types of bonds exist? Other than the traditional bail bond, another kind includes the recognizance bond. This type of bond involves letting the prisoner free, without any initial payment, provided he agrees the pay the full bond amount if he misses his court date.

jail cell





While certain circumstances make recognizance bonds necessary, the deal doesn’t always end up as good as it sounds. First of all, people released on recognizance bonds tend to skip out on their court date much more often than those on traditional bail bonds. Also, they take liability for their full bail amount should they miss a court date, even if it happens on accident; this doesn’t happen with a surety bond, as it would take care of the expense provided the defendant hadn’t skipped town. On top of all this, recognizance bonds come with many more stipulations, similar to probation.

For most people, surety bonds prove the best and most reliable option. If you or a loved one find yourself in need of this type of bond, All American Bail Bond Agency can help. To learn more, just call our bondsmen at (855) 264-2245.

Facts About Serial Killers

Not much inspires fear like the dreaded serial killer, probably thanks to the movies. You never know where they might pop out from, and they always seem so sadistically intelligent. Well, real life doesn’t always reflect the movies. We’ve put together a few different facts about serial killers you may find interesting:

Ted Bundy





Men and women:

Despite the movie trope that women always end up the victims of serial killers, the opposite seems to hold true; males make up 80% of murders. However, most serial killers themselves do get made up of white males that fall between 20-35 years of age.

East vs. West:

More serial killers commit crimes in the western half of America than in the Eastern half. Exactly why this seems the case no one has yet figured out.


Did you know that the character Dracula got based off of a real person? Vlad the Impaler became a ruthless ruler who sadistically tortured and murdered his enemies: all 20,000+ of them, men, women, and children.


When tested, almost all serial killers have an IQ significantly higher than that of the general population. Nobody really knows why, but it does feed the stereotype.


Well, hopefully this information interested you. While we don’t provide bail for serial killers, if you’ve gotten arrested for another crime All American Bail Bond Agency can help. For more information, give us a call at (855) 264-2245.

Bail Bond History

“Innocent until proven guilty” is an important concept when it comes to our justice system. However, without bail bonds that phrase wouldn’t mean much. Did you know that bail bonds actually have a very long history? Here’s a quick overview of the major points in it:

man behind bars







The beginnings of the bail bond process started in 13th century England. Local Sheriffs were abusing their authority, and so the Statute of Westminster was passed to make certain offenses eligible for bail bonds. This system stayed relatively unchanged for about 200 years.


In the United States, the Bail Reform Act of 1966 is widely regarded as the biggest and best change in the bonding system to date. Citizens not charged with a capital offense could now be released on their own recognizance. Restrictions on this right were only employed if the offender was thought to have a high risk of fleeing.

The Bail Reform Act of 1984 restricted the rights of bail for people that were viewed to jeopardize the “safety of the community”.
That’s the gist of the history of bail bonds. Should you ever find yourself or a loved one in need of one, All American Bail Bond Agency can help. Just give us a call at (855) 264-2245.

Tips for Posting Bail

handcuffsBeing arrested can be highly unpleasant and have far-reaching implications that ripple through much of your life. After being arrested and booked by local law enforcement, you will have the opportunity to post bail and be released from their custody until the date of your trial. The process of posting bail can feel overwhelming, that is why it is important to deal with a trustworthy bondsman who can help you through each step. These brief tips should help ease your anxiety and make this process easier on you.


1.Remain Calm

There is nothing worse than overreacting. Remember to take a deep breath and collect yourself before speaking or acting to ensure that you are communicating clearly. As a defendant, much of this process is dependent upon your behavior once you are in custody. If you react harshly or aggressively, it will likely increase the amount of time you have to spend in jail. While you may be experiencing a great deal of frustration during this time, do everything within your power to maintain your composure and communicate respectfully. It will be easier to think clearly and make good decisions if you continue to stay calm, which will ultimately expedite your release.

2. Choose a Trustworthy Bail Bond Agent

As mentioned previously, it is important to select a licensed bondsman who is transparent and honest. When deciding which bond agent to handle your case, remember to evaluate the company based on its reputation. Ask yourself a few questions about each option you are considering: Am I being treated respectfully? Are they explaining things to me in a manner in which I fully understand the agreement I am making? Do I trust these people?

3. Contact Your Bondsman

After you have selected the Bail Bond Agency you would like to handle your bail, you should contact their office immediately. Most bondsmen are open 24/7 because you can be arrested regardless of what time it is. If you never call your bail agent, they will never know that you need assistance, and you will continue to sit in jail. Upon making initial contact with your bondsman, they can begin your paperwork and start working towards your release.

4. Maintain Records of the Transaction

With any financial transaction, you should make it a priority to keep accurate records. Keeping records can help you remain organized and ensures that you are not being taken advantage of. Ask for receipts and copies of all documents for your records from your bail agent.

5. Appear in Court 

Posting bail allows you to be released from the custody of local law enforcement officials on the condition that you return to court and stand trial for the crime you are accused of committing. Should you fail to appear in court for your hearing, a warrant will be issued for your immediate arrest. This warrant is for an additional crime, not merely a second warrant for the one you already stand charged with. 

If you have any questions and wish to speak with a credible and licensed bail bond agent call All American Bail Bond Agency. Our caring and friendly staff is more than happy to address any concerns you may have about bail bonds in Detroit and most of Michigan.