The Michigan Bail Bond Process and Your Rights

In Michigan, just as in any other state in the United States of America, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This is an important cornerstone upon which the release of a defendant on bail, prior to trial rests.

You have the following rights during the Michigan bail process:

  1. The right to know the charges against you.
  2. The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
  3. The right to non excessive bail.


Why Bail Is So Important To A Defendant

Being free on bail gives you the opportunity to get your criminal case organized, retain a criminal lawyer and possibly yourself to collect evidence to fight your case. Retaining a good criminal lawyer is the 2nd step in fighting your case. Getting bailed out of jail is a great relief and affords you the time you need to take care of business and be with family.

Returning on the assigned court date is crucial to a defendant’s case as is being in contact with your All American Bail Bond bondsman. If you cannot be reached and have missed court then the legal process of your bond takes another turn.

At All American Bail Bonds, we make sure you know your rights, and help you to protect your rights to bail. As a client of All American Bail Bonds, your rights will always be respected. Your Michigan bail bond rights are our top priority and we are ready to offer you the help you need in your time of trouble.

We are a licensed firm contracted with one of the largest insurance producers in the country. We also abide and follow the rules set forth by the Department of Insurance and Financial Services in the state of Michigan.

At All American Bail Bonds:

  • All clients (defendants and cosignors) have a right to kind and efficient service.
  • Clients have a right to full disclosure of their obligations as a cosignor.
  • Clients have a right to expect honesty and fair dealings from all All American Bail Bondsmen, office staff and field agents.
  • Clients and cosignors (guarantor) have the right to receive copies of all documents relating to their bail bond and guarantee.

When you need an effective Michigan bail bonds company, look no further. We will respond to you, at any time of day or night, faster than you expect. Call us toll free right now for your free, no obligation bail bond consultation at 855.264.2245.