What is a Surety Bail?

A Bail Bond is a contract between the bondsman, the defendant and the indemnitor to ensure the return of the defendant to court. It's that simple. Once a bail bond is filed, the defendant is released from jail and allowed to carry on with their lives until they are required to go to trial. This freedom can be used to go back to work and mount a defense for their case.

Bail Is a Right!

Bail is a protected right by the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution. Bail is set by a judge commensurate to the charge and record of the individual. Bail must be set at a reasonable level for each defendant.

The Bail Process

If you need a bail bond we are going to need some information from you.

  1. The full name of the defendant who is in jail
  2. The name of the city and jail where the person is located
  3. Birth date of the defendant if you have it
  4. Known charges

These four facts will help us clarify the terms of the bond and verify the status of the defendant's circumstances.

Once we confirm the location of the inmate and the bail amount we can dispatch an agent to meet you to complete the bail bond.

Freedom is Priceless

Fees for bail bonds are set at the State minimum, 10% of the face value of the bond. For instance a $5000 bond will normally cost $500. The $500 is called the premium and it is not refundable. Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted. The minimum charge for a bail bond is $50.

If you are a co-signer (indemnitor) you are held liable and responsible for the bond as well as the defendant. That means if the defendant fails to appear for the scheduled court date, you can be held liable for the full face value of the bond. It is in the co-signers best interest that the defendant returns to each and every required court appearance.

Affordable Bail Bonds from Metro Detroit's Trusted Bail Bondsmen

Getting a phone call that a loved one or friend is in jail can come as a shock. That is very understandable. No one ever plans to go to jail when they wake up in the morning. Sometimes bad things happen to good people... when that happens, we're here to help.

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