3 Times Kids Got Themselves, Or Others, Into Legal Trouble

Kids say and do the darnedest things. Sometimes, they do pretty bad things. And other times, they totally tell on others who are doing bad things, whether they realize it or not. Here are three examples of kids getting themselves — and others — into trouble!

The Special Medicine Plant

a picture of a budding marijuana plantAn 8 year old Vermont boy was only too happy to tell his school officials about the plants he helped his mother’s boyfriend grow: special medicine plants that could cure anything. This sounded a bit fishy, so the officials called the police, who went to the boy’s home and found several thriving marijuana plants. Let’s hope the boy forgets this early lesson in horticulture.

Doctoring the Teacher’s Drink

Three vengeful tween girls from Florida were arrested and charged with felonies after they conspired to get their teacher all choked up. The girls, all aged 12 at the time, cooperated to distract the teacher and put ground red pepper flakes into her drink. The teacher, who had previously disciplined one of the girls, suffered throat and stomach pain late into the evening.

Mommy Lied

a picture of a child pulling a snarky faceAudrey McColm was driving unsteadily with her 7 year old son when she was pulled over by Illinois police and asked if she had been drinking. McColm said that she had not, but her 7 year old son disagreed. “Yes you have, Mom!” said the child. McColm was charged with neglect of a dependent. One has to wonder if she regrets teaching her child that honesty is a virtue!

The adults and the tween girls in this story were definitely in the wrong, but sometimes you can be arrested for no good reason. If you find yourself in a spot of trouble, please call us so we can help you out!