How To Locate An Arrested Loved One


Your Local Bail Bondsman Is Here To Help!

If you have seen a loved one get arrested, or if you suspect they may have been arrested, it can be a very stressful experience. First and foremost, remain call. Secondly, follow these simple directions to locate and assist your friend or family member.

Gather The Required Information

Before you begin calling around and looking for your friend, make sure you have all of your information together. You will need their full name, age, gender, and birth date.  It is also helpful to have additional details, such as their appearance, eye color and hair color. If you know the date of the arrest or possible arrest, that is helpful as well.

Check Your County Jail Database

If the arrest is recent, your friend is likely in jail. In that case, you can check online through your county jail database, or if hey do not have one, you can call to speak to someone at the front office. This is where you need all of their information. Keep in mind that they may b at one of several jails, depending on where the arrest or potential arrest took place.

Contact A Bail Bondsman



However, if all of this is just too stressful, you can simply contact professional bail bondsman. We can locate your loved one if they have been arrested, as well as help them post bail to be released.

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