Bail Bond Agency in Detroit, Michigan

bail bond agency in detroit michigan


Bail Bond Agency in Detroit

Crime happens in big cities like Detroit, and All American Bail Bond Agency understands that some people are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time or may be facing unfair charges. We’re here to help those who need assistance posting bail so they can try to keep their life in order while fighting misdemeanor or felony charges. We know most people don’t have the means to post bail immediately, which is why we offer reasonable bail bond services in Detroit.


Bailing You Out in a Pinch

Life doesn’t stop just because you or someone you love was arrested. This can happen at any time, day or night, on a weekday or weekend. Our bail bondsman in Detroit is available at any time to help you post the bail you need. We have experience bailing people out on all kinds of charges, including felonies such as assault and felony possession of a firearm.


How It Works

After the judge declares the bail amount, our agent can come down to the courthouse to post it on your behalf. This is after you or a loved one read, understand, and sign the contract for services. While bail is typically returned to the payer if the accused person attends all court-ordered appointments, there is a small fee for using a bail bond agency. We offer a variety of bail bond types to help with these services:

  • Bonds with a 10 percent fee
  • Property or surety bonds
  • Bonds for appeals and appearance

Once the contract is signed and bail is posted, our agent may keep in touch to help ensure the person who was bailed out makes it to all court appearances. Failure to appear may cause the bail to be forfeited, and if it is forfeited, you will owe the whole bail amount to the agency in addition to the service fee.


Get Help Fast

There’s no need to stay in jail a second longer than required. When you need assistance posting bail immediately, contact All American Bail Bond Agency in Detroit at 586-770-7411.


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