Bail Bond FAQs

Bail Bond FAQs

Most Popular Bail Bond FAQs

While bail bonds are a popular way to get released from jail, there are a lot of questions that people still have about bail bonds. What is a bail bond? What is the bail bond process? How much are bail bonds? At All American Bail Bond Agency, we want our clients to know as much about the bail bond system, so they are able to make decisions that are best for them. To learn more about bail bonds, below are some bail bond FAQs.

How Does the Bail Bond Process Work?

At the arraignment, the judge will set a court date and the amount of the bail bond. Depending on what type of crime and prior convictions will determine the amount.

How Much Is Bail In Michigan?

This is a very common bail bond FAQs and for good reason. For bail bond companies in Michigan, usually, charge a 10% non-refundable fee. So if you or a loved one’s bail is set at $15,000, you would have to pay $1,500 to the bail bond company.

What If Someone Doesn’t Show Up For Their Hearing?

This is one of the most important bail bond FAQs around. If someone jumps bail, the amount of the bail bond will be forfeited and a bounty hunter will come to collect the person who didn’t appear for their court date.

What Can You Use As Collateral

There are a number of things you can use as collateral if you can’t pay the bail bond in cash. You can use your property, bank accounts, jewelry, stocks, and cars.

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