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Your Bail Bonds in Lansing, Michigan

While it can be an intimidating experience, getting arrested in Michigan is not the end of the world. You can get help when you need bail bonds in Lansing through All American Bail Bond Agency. They can get you, or a loved one, out of jail and preparing for your future court date to address your charges. There are many reasons why a person may be arrested and have to post bail, so understanding bonds and how they work can be useful if you or a loved one are ever in this situation.


Understanding Bail Bonds

When a police officer places a person under arrest in Michigan, the officer usually takes the individual to the district court. This is for arraignment, where a judge may read the charges and the rights of the arrested individual and impose bail. If the court orders bail to be paid before release, then the individual must post bail before he or she can go home.

Bail is important – when you post it, you have the opportunity to get the money back as long as the individual shows up to his or her court dates as ordered. If the individual does not appear in court when required, the bail is forfeit. This is why it is important to make it to any court-ordered appearances after posting bail.


Getting Bail for Misdemeanors and Felonies

A bail bondsman in Lansing can help post bail for a variety of charges ranging from misdemeanor to felony:

  • Assault
  • Felony possession of a firearm
  • Robbery
  • Reckless driving

Finding Help When You Need It

Sometimes, bail is too high for a family to afford. Our bail bond company in Lansing can help you cover the bail for yourself, or a loved one, for a small fee. We know time is valuable when you are building a defense for your case. Whatever time of day or night you need help, contact All American Bail Bond Agency by calling 586-770-7411 or by filling out our convenient online form. We can even come to you if you don’t have access to transportation.


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