Bail Bond Services in Macomb County

When faced with legal troubles, you shouldn’t have to wait in jail for your court date. Get home to your family quickly and painlessly with secure bail bonds in Macomb County. At All American Bail Bonds, we provide low-cost, 24/7 service throughout Michigan. No one deserves to be in jail until proven guilty. Take advantage of our bail bond services and await your trial at home where you belong.

A Team of Proud Veterans

You have enough to deal with after an arrest. As a veteran-owned agency, we believe in serving our clients. Can’t make it to our office? We’ll drive to the jailhouse. We also offer free bail advice with no hidden fees. We’re committed to those who expect more from bail bondsman in Macomb County.

Bail Bond Types

Our team can secure bonds for most common cases, no matter the severity of the charge. If you or someone you know awaits trial, we can help with any of the following charges.


Bail Bonds macomb county

  • DUIs
  • Possession of a Controlled Substances
  • Speeding and Moving Violations


  • Arson
  • Assault and Battery
  • Robbery and Theft
  • Firearm Possession

Fast Approval and No Bail Limits

Whether you or a loved one faces a misdemeanor, felony or multiple charges, we can secure bail bonds. We specialize in cash bonds. We have the means to post all bond limits in the state of Michigan at a moment’s notice. No lengthy paperwork or background checks are required. To secure a bond, all we need to know is the inmate’s name, email address and jail location.

Call Us 24/7

Don’t push your legal troubles to the side. When you need a fast, 24-hour bail company in Macomb County, contact All American Bail Bonds. We can post bond immediately, day or night. The sooner you call us, the faster we can help you.


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