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bail bondsman eastpointeThe All American Bail Bond Agency understands how overwhelming the bail bonds process can be, especially when dealing with the arrest and incarceration of a loved one. Therefore, to make the process a little less intimidating and easier to understand, here is a list of common bail types and terms.

Cash Bond

A cash bond is paid after booking and is determined by a bail schedule or court after a bail hearing. If a defendant can pay the full bond, then they are released from police custody. However, if the arrested does not have enough cash, they can request someone else pay on their behalf. Cash bonds are typically lower value and easier to acquire.

Unsecured Bond

An unsecured bond does not necessarily require a bail bondsman because the defendant is not required to pay the amount to be released. Instead, they are asked to sign an agreement stating that they will appear in court or surrender the bail amount. These bonds are also referred to as signature bonds.

Secured Bond

A secured bond also referred to as a property bond requires the signing over of potential security interest for a piece of property of equal value to the bond. These bonds work the same as collateral for loans. Some examples of potential collateral would include:

    • Car
    • Home
  • Jewelry

Personal Recognizance Bond

Similar to unsecured bonds, a personal recognizance bond does not require any cash transaction for the release of a defendant. This type of bond is usually reserved for first-time offenders and misdemeanors.

Surety or Bail Bond

A surety or bail bond is when bail payment is made by a bail bond agent on behalf of the arrestee. This type of transaction is typically used by people who do not have immediate access to funds and require a secondary source. Bail bond companies are paid a fee for this service and often require collateral.

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