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Being arrested is never any fun, and it may even cause debilitating anxiety and feelings of dread. While an arrest is extremely uncomfortable, you will likely be awarded bail, depending on the seriousness of your crime, and be able to return home to await your trial. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how bail works, and they may think that they have to pay the entirety of the amount out of pocket, which may not be the case. All American Bail Bond Agency offers bail bonds in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and they know the importance of understanding the different terms associated with bail and bonds.


Bail is a set amount of money that will allow for the temporary release of defendants, and it is essentially a court’s way of ensuring compliance with the judicial process. The reason that release is considered temporary is that full release is dependent on the trial outcome. Also, if a defendant does not comply with the process, they will be detained again and forfeit their bail amount. Unfortunately, most people cannot afford to pay the full bail amount, which is when people should turn to a bail bondsman to post the amount for them.

Bail Bond

Also considered a surety bond, a bail bond is provided on behalf of an arrested individual. Therefore, a bond is a three-party agreement between the court, defendant and the surety company, which guarantees the defendant will abide by court-mandated guidelines or the surety company will pay the full bail and the defendant will lose their collateral. While most people may be familiar with certain bonds, there are two types.

  • Civil Bond
    A civil bond may be essential in civil cases to guarantee that the required party fulfills their obligation to pay a debt in full. The bond is made to ensure compliance, and if the necessary party pays their debt, then, like any form of bail, they do not need to pay the bond in full and retain the rights to their collateral.

  • Criminal Bond
    A criminal bond is likely the type that people are most familiar with. It allows jailed persons to be released as long as they appear for trial and abide by the court regulations. However, if they fail in their agreement, the bond guarantees full-payment including fines and penalties. Also, if collateral was provided to secure the bond, then the defendant must forfeit that property.

Understanding the Bond Process

If you are seeking a bail bondsman in kalamazoo, then you should understand how the bail bond process works. First, the bail amount is set by the judge on your case. If you are unable to post the full bail amount, then you can turn to a bail guarantor to secure a surety bond. Most often, defendants are required to pay at least 10 percent of the bail amount to the bond company. After the required percentage, a guarantor will need collateral to cover the rest of the bail amount. If you are unable to cover the full amount even through collateral, you can turn to family and friends who may be able to offer more collateral or more cash.

Penalties for Failing to Appear in Court

The point of a bail bond is to ensure that you cooperate with the judicial process, but if you fail to appear in court, there are penalties. First, a bench warrant will be issued for your immediate arrest, and you will be held in jail for the length of your trial. Then, the remainder of your bail is forfeited, meaning that any collateral or cash provided is taken.

Bail bonds not only ensure compliance, but they also allow you to return home. If you or someone you love are in need of a bail bond company in kalamazoo, then contact All American Bail Bond Agency and call (586) 770-7411.


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