Bail Bondsman in Oakland County

Dealing with an arrest of family member or friend can be stressful and costly. At All American Bail Bond Agency, we help you secure the funds for a speedy release with no upfront fees. Don’t wait to for legal expenses to grow while someone you know sits in jail. Instead, secure free bail bonds in Oakland County quickly and without hassle.

Bail Bondsman oakland county

Secure Cash Bonds Fast

While some bail companies require extensive paperwork to complete the transaction, we do not. To post bail quickly, all we need is the inmate’s information, email address and location of the jail to get started–no surprise fees or upfront costs. No one deserves to wait in jail due to paperwork delays. Additionally, if you cannot reach us in Michigan, we can deliver bail directly to the jail or courthouse. As a veteran-owned company, we know how to serve our clients with courtesy and respect.

How All American Bail Bond Can Help

As a leading bail bondsman in Oakland County, we can help you post bond regardless of the charge, felony or misdemeanor. Here are just a few of the kinds of cases we handle:

  • DUIs
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Assault and Violence
  • Robbery
  • Moving Violations
  • Firearms Possession

When faced with legal trouble, you need experience and expertise. For over a decade, we’ve provided expert bail advice at no extra charge to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Available Day or Night

At All American Bail Bond Agency, we are unlike any other bail company in Oakland County. We operate 24 hours a day to ensure fast service day or night. We’ll even travel to the jailhouse if necessary. If you need to secure a bail bond, contact us immediately at 586-770-7411. The sooner you call, the faster we can bail you out.


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