Bail Bondsman in Troy, Michigan

Bail Bondsman in Troy


Felony and Misdemeanor Bail Bonds Available 24/7

Getting arrested is not cheap. From booking fees to court fees, and attorney expenses to probation costs, you may soon discover that yours or a loved one’s mistake can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Before all those expenses, however, you must also post bail. Bail in and of itself is often the amount of a small house or nice vehicle, which is an amount that the average American cannot afford. At All American Bail Bond Agency, we understand this, which is why our bail bondsman in Troy offers bonds at affordable rates and for a variety of indiscretions. If you or a loved one needs a bail bond in Troy, reach out to our bail bond agency today.


A Decade of Experience Helping Those Facing Legal Troubles

When arrested, many people are frantic to find the first bail bond company that will grant them the Michigan bail bonds they need to get out of jail and back home with as little hassle as possible. While our company believes in making the bail process as easy as possible, we also understand that “easy” is not always synonymous with “legitimate.” Too many so-called “companies” claim to want to help, but then, after wasting hours of a person’s time, can’t because they don’t have the reputation or resources to follow through with their promises. At All American Bail Bond Agency, we follow through with our promises every time, as we have the resources and talent to procure bail bonds in Troy for several types of charges, including the following:

  • Violence and Assault
  • DUIs / OWIs / DWIs
  • White Collar Offenses
  • Possession of a Firearm by a Felon
  • Robbery and Theft
  • Arson

We can help clients in the way that we do because of our long-standing reputation within the community. If you want to work with a bail bondsman in Troy that you AND the courts trust, contact us today.


We’re Here for You When You Need Us

Whether it’s 12 am on a Saturday night, 7 pm on a Wednesday evening or 10 am on a Sunday morning, our team is prepared to help you get out of jail immediately. Contact All American Bail Bond Agency via phone or online today to get started.


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