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Factors that Contribute to Bail Amounts

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As a company servicing bail bonds Ann Arbor for nearly a decade, we have been quizzed about every type of bond in existence. However, the one question we get asked frequently is, “how does the court decide a bail amount?” The most basic answer is that a judge has a bail schedule that specifies a value range for different criminal charges. Although, the judge has an ultimate say over any bail decision. That being said, the bail schedule is not the only determiner for bail value. The judge will probably also consider at least six other factors before making a bail decision.

Current Charge

The first consideration is the current charge and the severity of the alleged offense. Misdemeanors will typically have a lesser bail value than a felony charge, especially if a felony involved allegations of intentional harm. As a leading bail bondsman in Ann Arbor, we have handled bonds for a variety of misdemeanor and felony charges and are more than capable of assisting with your bail arrangements.

Criminal History

Next, a judge is likely to weigh your history with the court and any prior convictions. If you are a first-time offender, then a bail hearing may have a more positive outcome. However, if you are a repeat offender with a record of skipping court dates, then bail will likely be high or not offered. We have seen a range of bail bonds in Ann Arbor, and we can handle all bail amounts.

Public Safety

Public safety is something that a judge must take seriously because it is their job to protect the public. If you are charged with a particularly violent crime, such as murder, it is possible the judge will not permit bail. However, as a bail company Ann Arbor, we can assure you that this is rare and reserved for only the most heinous charges.

Flight Risk

Every defendant presents some form of flight risk, whether it be minimal or almost guaranteed. A court must determine the likelihood of that risk to figure out if you are a candidate for bail. Typically, a defendant seeking bail bonds in Ann Arbor only poses a significant flight risk if they have the means and the motive to flee, which does not happen often.

Family Obligation

As one of the leading bail bond agency Ann Arbor, we have seen the panic of a father or mother who is worried about the well-being of their family if they are locked up. Thankfully, the court is not heartless, and they, too, consider family obligations when determining bail amounts. No judge wants to deprive a family of their provider.


Last, your assets will be considered when making a final bail decision. The court will review your finances as well as property. If you are low income, then the bail value will typically be somewhere near the lower end of the bond schedule suggestions. Although, there is no need to worry because we help all people secure bail bonds Ann Arbor.

We, here at All American Bail Bond Agency, believe that everyone should have access to bail bonds Ann Arbor. We have spent the last decade building a reputation as a fair agency, and we take pride in our ability to be compassionate to every individual who walks through our doors. No one should be defined by one act. Let us help you through this difficult time. Contact one of our bondsmen to discuss the terms of your bail, or just to ask questions and get some clarification. We are here to help you get back home so you can be surrounded by your family while you prepare for trial.


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