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When looking for services that provide Detroit bail bonds, you are likely to come up with a long list of potential bond services. However, not every service is appropriate for every type of bond, and not every service is reputable. Therefore, how do you know the services to trust, and how do you even begin to understand the bail bonds process with little to no experience? While the task may seem daunting, it is as easy as following seven steps.


1. Find Out the Bail Amount

While a judge will determine the final bail amount, you can find out the bail amount at the jail. Judges have a bail schedule that they typically follow when setting amounts. These schedules stipulate the bail value ranges for frequently committed crimes. However, some crimes are considered so severe that no bail amount will be set; although these cases are not common. You will want to figure out the bail amount as soon as possible to determine how you progress through the rest of the steps.


2. Learn About the Fees

A surety bond is on the surface a contract that promises the defendant will appear in court. However, these bonds require three parties: the principal, the surety and the obligee. The principal is the defendant or the person signing for the bond. The principal is the bond company, and the obligee is the court. In these contracts, the principal typically charges a fee for the service, likely 10%, but the cost varies based on the regulations of the state. Therefore, it is a good idea to check with a court clerk to ask any questions about bondsman fees.


3. Watch Out for Low Fees

While the state likely places a maximum limit on fees that can be charged by bond agencies, some bondsmen will charge only a fraction of that maximum. For instance, you might see the majority of Michigan bond companies charging 10%, but you might also find one or two that are only charging 5%. Beware. While it is tempting to go with the less expensive option, these companies are often inexperienced or have poor reputations. Therefore, look for companies that operate within normal fee ranges.


4. Talk to Detention Officers

Again, though finding a Detroit bail bondsman is not difficult because of the sheer number of them, it can be challenging to locate a reputable company. Therefore, it is often a good idea to talk to detention officers because they work with a variety of bail bond companies and can likely point you in the right direction. If it is not possible for you to talk to these individuals directly, then you can ask your lawyer to do it for you.


5. Read Reviews and Look for Referrals

Another way to narrow down the pool of prospective guarantors is to read reviews and look for referrals. Reviews can tell you a lot about a company, especially when it comes to customer service and general civility. However, a better source might be to ask your friends and family for a referral.


6. Work With an Agency

While you can hire a solo guarantor, it is often better to look for an agency. Agencies have more people on staff and often have more time to dedicate to your case. Also, a bond agency will handle everything for you, reducing much of your stress and anxiety.


7. Contact a Reputable Bondsman

Once you know your bail amount and have spent a little time reaching potential bond companies, it is time to contact the reputable agencies on your list. Call each one and get a feel for how they treat you and your situation.

As a bail company in Detroit for nearly ten years, we understand the bail bond process and can help you through it. Don’t go with the cheapest and most inexperienced company on the block. Contact the All American Bail Bond Agency and see how we can help by calling 586-770-7411.


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