Bail Company in Mount Clemens

Bail Company in Mount Clemens

Jail is an uncomfortable place to be, and typically no one is interested in spending a significant amount of time behind bars. The bail system is supposed to reduce the number of people sitting in jail waiting to stand trial. The bail system is made more enticing with the idea that the money is essentially a placeholder that is returned to you after you show up to your court dates. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford their bail bonds in Mount Clemens, which is when a bail bond agency in Mount Clemens can step in to help. However, will you recoup your losses after paying the standard 10% fee? No. Our bail company in Mount Clemens provide a service, and the 10% fee is the cost of that service.

Difference Between Bail and a Bail Bond

The general understanding of the bail system is that the money applied to the bail is refunded at the end of a trial or when the charges are dropped. However, that only applies to the person paying the bail. Therefore, if you pay the bail, then when the trial is complete, you will receive a refund for the full bail amount, but that is not the case when you use a bail bond.

A bail bond is paid on behalf of the arrested individual, and it is secured with a fee and collateral. Therefore, the bail bondsman Mount Clemens, after receiving their price, pays the bail to the court or agrees to if the defendant doesn’t show up to trial. When the accused shows for the hearing, the bail amount is returned to the bonds service, not you and the fee is kept.

Non-Refundable Fee

The bail bond agency Mount Clemens has no obligation to take on the risk of bailing out complete strangers, and they are not designated as non-profits. Therefore, similar to other loan programs, there is a fee to using their service. You can think of it as being comparable to interest in conventional loans. When you borrow money, there is the principal, or money borrowed, and the interest, the cost of using the money. Therefore, look at the non-refundable fee as the cost of receiving the bail loan.

Benefits of Paying the 10%

While some people may argue against using a bond service, there are many times where you have little recourse. It can be painful to see a loved one in jail, and it is even more challenging to cope when you are the one in jail. Therefore, it is crucial to secure the individual’s freedom, even if only for the trial. Unfortunately, not everyone has the available¬†funds to pay for a bail that can reach into the thousands. Therefore, when money is tight and time is of the essence, a 10% fee seems like a reasonable price to pay. Also, consider the risk involved in providing bail for strangers. Would you cosign on a mortgage or a car loan for someone you do not know? The fee you pay and the collateral you offer provides assurances that the charged individual will participate in the legal process without issue. However, in the event that they do not, then the fee and collateral make it possible to pay the bail and find the defendant to return them to jail.

We Can Help

The bail system is a privilege, and it is not meant to be abused. However, for everyone to be able to take advantage of the system, a bondsman might be used for a small 10% fee. Everyone deserves accessible bail services, regardless of their current financial situation. If you or a loved one are in need of a bail company Mount Clemens, then contact All American Bail Bond Agency at 586-770-7411, and discuss service options and specifics.


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