What To Know Before Contacting a Bail Bondsman

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Picture this scenario: you’re fast asleep in the middle of the night when the phone rings. On the other end of the line is a friend or family member who has been arrested and needs your help to get out of jail. As the gravity of the situation begins to dawn on you, it’s likely you’ll have a lot of questions, but your first call should be to a company that arranges Michigan bail bonds. At All American Bail Bond Agency, we’ve worked with people all over the state of Michigan, and we’re ready to help answer any questions you might have about bonding your loved one out of jail.

Information About the Defendant

Depending on how well you know your friend or family member, you’ll probably have most of the information needed by the bail bond company, but it’s important to get everything right to ensure a smooth process. You’ll need to know the full name of the arrestee, and speak clearly when you’re on the phone with the bondsman. The last thing you want is to have a misspelling delay the release of your loved one. It can also be helpful to provide the booking number, but your agent will be able to get that information if you don’t have it readily available.

Location of the Arrestee

When you get the phone call from your loved one, make sure you have a pen and paper handy, as you’ll need to know the exact location where he or she is being held. Not only should you get the city and state, but make sure you also find out the name of the jail. If your bondsman needs to look this information up, it will only lengthen the amount of time it takes to arrange the release.

Amount of the Bail

At a bail hearing, the judge will take a number of different factors into account before coming up with a figure. If you have the cash to cover the entire amount, you can simply go to the jail yourself, but most people need to secure a bond. This will likely cost you a premium of 10 percent of the full bail, but you may also be asked to put up collateral such as your house, vehicle, artwork or jewelry. You’ll have all of those items free and clear at the end of legal proceedings, but the bondsman will keep the premium as payment.

Return to Normal Life

Now you have an idea what to know before calling your bail bondsman, you’ll be better prepared if you ever get that unexpected overnight call. The sooner you can arrange the release of your friend or family member, the sooner his or her life can get back to normal, so trust the professionals at All American Bail Bond Agency. Not only can freedom ease stress, but it also gets the defendant back to work so he or she can earn money to mount a legal defense. To learn more about our services or request a bond for a loved one, contact us online today or reach us at any time of the day or night by calling 586-473-6532.

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