When Can Bail Be Denied?

High profile court cases are often broadcast for everyone to hear, and sometimes we hear about cases that involve individuals held without bail. Now, in a country that consistently turns to a Constitution that provides the right to bail, it  can be confusing as to why an individual can be denied that right. However, in many situations, some rights are conditional on other factors. Today we will discuss a few different factors that can alter the bail process in some cases.

bail laws

Bail can be confusing, but we are here to help!

There are many factors a judge considers when determining bail. The judge will look at the circumstances of the individual personally, along with the circumstances of arrest and the charges being brought against them. Above anything, the judge will determine if the accused will pose a threat to the safety of other individuals in the community if they were to be released on bail before the trial. The judge will also consider how likely it is that the individual in question will attempt o skip town, or avoid the trial. In some cases, the judge may be worried that the accused will attempt to destroy evidence. The judge will look at the mental state of the accused, along with any history with drug or alcohol abuse. In some cases, family and community ties may serve as a type of recommendation for bail, but in cases where a life sentence or other severe punishment is on the table, the judge reserves the right to deny bail.

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