Ex-Olympian Released On $688 Bail While Facing Murder Charge

Oscar PistoriusThe Blade Runner, the Fastest Man on Zero Legs, or Oscar Pistorius: whatever name you know him by, Pistorius is also now known as a convicted murderer. Oscar Pistorius rose to fame in 2012 after being the first double amputee sprinter to compete in the able-bodied Olympics. First, he was convicted of culpable homicide, but his conviction was later appealed. He was then convicted of murder and released after posting the $688 bail bond that was set by a South African judge.

Bail is set in South Africa by a judge, just as it is in the United States. As Pistorius had agreed to await his trial on house arrest, the judge set a low bail amount due to the low possibility of Pistorius fleeing. In the American bail process, flight risk is also considered, along with the nature of the charges, the defendant’s past history with the law, and many other factors that are relevant to the case.

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