Facts About Serial Killers

Not much inspires fear like the dreaded serial killer, probably thanks to the movies. You never know where they might pop out from, and they always seem so sadistically intelligent. Well, real life doesn’t always reflect the movies. We’ve put together a few different facts about serial killers you may find interesting:

Ted Bundy





Men and women:

Despite the movie trope that women always end up the victims of serial killers, the opposite seems to hold true; males make up 80% of murders. However, most serial killers themselves do get made up of white males that fall between 20-35 years of age.

East vs. West:

More serial killers commit crimes in the western half of America than in the Eastern half. Exactly why this seems the case no one has yet figured out.


Did you know that the character Dracula got based off of a real person? Vlad the Impaler became a ruthless ruler who sadistically tortured and murdered his enemies: all 20,000+ of them, men, women, and children.


When tested, almost all serial killers have an IQ significantly higher than that of the general population. Nobody really knows why, but it does feed the stereotype.


Well, hopefully this information interested you. While we don’t provide bail for serial killers, if you’ve gotten arrested for another crime All American Bail Bond Agency can help. For more information, give us a call at (855) 264-2245.