What to Do If You Fall Behind on Bail Bond Payments?

fall behind on bail bond paymentsThere is little that eats away at your nerves more than facing charges and being arrested. Not everyone has had the experience of spending time in jail, but when you do, your thoughts may quickly turn to how you can get out of there as quickly as possible. All American Bail Bond Agency helps people facing anything from misdemeanor to felony charges post bail so they can get back to their loved ones faster.

While the agency makes the temporary payment for you, bail bonds come with a service fee, and even if you make all of your court appearances and the bail is returned, you will need to pay for the services of the bail bondsman. So, what happens if you start to fall behind on these payments and are having trouble meeting this financial obligation?

Contact the Bail Bond Company Directly

The best thing you can do is to contact us directly about the issue. If we know what’s going on, we may be better able to help you. We know that sometimes finances are tight, and if you have a conviction on your record, it can make it more difficult to hold down a job. However, if you avoid making payments and make no effort to reach out to us, the overdue payments could be turned over to collections or end up garnished from your wages by the court. This type of situation can usually be avoided with clear communication.

The Bondsman May Be Able To Work With You on Payments

In addition, we can work with you to make your regular payments more manageable. We’ll take a look at your situation and see how we can come to a solution that works for all parties involved. A change in your finances might just require a re-evaluation of the bail bond contract, which we are more than happy to work out with you.

You Won’t Go to Jail for Falling Behind

One of the most common misconceptions about falling behind on or failing to make bail bond payments is that the bondsman will arrest and throw the person back in jail. This is not the case. Once the bail has been posted, that’s that – we are not going to throw you in jail for getting a little behind on your bill. Instead, we will try to contact you and find out what’s going on.

If we are unable to reach you or you avoid contacting your bail bondsman, then the matter could go to collections or civil court. Such a situation can also directly affect your credit, making it more difficult to apply for an apartment or other housing, for example. This is why clear communication about your financial situation with your bondsman is so important.

Communicating and Reaching Out Are Important

We know that life happens, and your unfortunate situation that started with the arrest could be getting worse. All American Bail Bond Agency is here to help however we can. While our bail bond services do come with a fee, we can work with you to make payments more manageable. To learn more about adjusting your bill or getting help with bail right away, contact us at 586-770-7411.

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