Famous People That Have Used Bail Bonds

Some may think that just because you gain a bit of fame, you’re able to get away with breaking the law. Oh, how true this is NOT! Here are a few famous people that have used bail bonds.

Katt Williams

While living in Georgia in 2011, Williams was charged with burglary and had his bail set at $40,000. Now the fact that this had not been his first arrest, he had a bail bondsman that he normally relied on. Of course, just like any credible bail bondsman, he posted the bail and Williams was released. But this time, he failed to make any payments to the bail bondsman and was arrested once again. His bail was set at $10,000, but this time, he was forced to post the bail for himself.

Lindsay Lohan

This starlet is no stranger to being arrested, so she always has a trusty bail bondsman in her corner. In 2010, she continuously violated her probation, but her bondsman was always there to bail her out over an extended length of time. Thanks to that agency, she was able to avoid any type of jail time prior to the day she was due to appear in court.

Nicholas Cage

Cage was hit with some pretty severe charges in 2009, including public indecency, domestic violence, and we’re pretty sure his altercation with the paparazzi didn’t help. He was arrested and his bail was set at $11,000. Fortunately enough for him, Dog the Bounty Hunter happened to be a good friend. Cage called him up, and Dog was able to post bail for him, in turn helping him escape jail time.

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