Legal Controversy: Jury Nullification

jury nullificationOver the course of history, civilization’s legal systems have become more and more convoluted. Because we live in a democracy, we need to spend some time informing ourselves about our legal system since it directly affects us. To that end, we’d like to discuss one specific legal controversy here: jury nullification.

How it works:

In modern America, the court instructs the jury to base their verdict on the facts of the case without considering the justice of the law itself. However, if a jury acquits the defendant based on a disagreement on the law in question, the court must uphold it. We call this jury nullification. Although, sometimes a juror will get removed if this motivation comes to light.

Jury nullification history:

This practice has a long history. Before America became an independent country, colonists often used it in maritime cases as well as cases of free speech. It has also gotten used to fight different controversial laws such as the Fugitive Slave Act and Prohibition.


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