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The area now known as Pontiac, MI was first settled by European-Americans in 1818. The first landowners in the area were members of the Pontiac Company, which included 15 members. Their chairman was Solomon Sibley from Detroit. Sibley, Stephen Mack, and Shubael ConantBail Bonds in Pontiac, MI formed a partnership to help develop the fledgling community. The first buildings were constructed with financing by Solomon and Sarah Sibley. The town was named after the noted war chief Pontiac of the Ottawa tribe. The biggest reputation gained by the city came from the General Motors manufacturing plants which largely dominated the economy of the region throughout the 20th century.  The automotive industry carried Pontiac through the turn of the century, and while the town did suffer setbacks during the Great Depression which mirrored other smaller settlements throughout the country, the years following WWII were greatly prosperous as tens of thousands of people flocked to Pontiac, MI to work at the General Motors assembly and manufacturing plants.

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