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The area known today as the City of Ferndale, MI has been inhabited by indigenous tribes of Native American cultures for thousands of years. In the early 1800’s, the land around present-day Ferndale was cultivated by farmers, and once the automobile assembly line saw development, the population in Ferndale rapidly grew to match the growing industry.

Local legend tells of a lineman stringing wires atop a pole during the early 1900’s, looking around at the green sea of ferns that lie beneath him, and writing “fern dale” (dale meaning, at the time, an open space) on his report. When the town was formally incorporated in 1917, Ferndale remained the town name thanks to the designation by Lovell G. Turnbull, the first president of the village, who also made note of the numerous ferns characterizing the region.

Ferndale was incorporated as a city on March 7, 1927 and quickly  became a bedroom Bail Bonds in Ferndale, MIcommunity for workers based in Detroit. From the 1920’s to the 1950’s, the primary growth of the city was focused in housing. Trolley lines helped carry workers to and from Detroit with much ease, further impacting the growth of Ferndale.

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