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man being arrested The bondsmen at All American Bail Bond Agency are licensed throughout the state of Michigan and can help you post bail in Lansing, MI. With our years of experience, there is no bail bond that we can’t assist you with. We understand that arrests often happen at the most inopportune times, which is why we make our services available 24/7 and also why our bail agents will meet you at the jail or courthouse to finish filling out any paperwork and get you bailed out. The bail process can be filled with complications, subtleties and nuances that can be confusing without the proper assistance from a credible bond agency. This is all the more reason to trust the bail bonds experts at All American Bail Bond Agency for all of your bail needs.

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The Improbable History of A Proud Community

Settled in 1835 and incorporated in 1859, Lansing, MI is a unique community with a colorful history.

The unlikely beginnings of Lansing, MI laid the groundwork for what would become one of the most prominent cities in the state. In 1836, two land speculators from the state of New York fraudulently sold property to settlers in, nonexistent, “Biddle City.” When the settlers arrived in what is now Lansing, MI, they discovered the land they purchased was on a marsh and largely underwater. These pilgrims faced a tough choice, to stay or return home. Those who remained established a community that would become modern Lansing, MI.

After Detroit was captured by the British during the War of 1812, the Michigan state legislature grew concerned that, with British controlled Canada nearby, Detroit would be vulnerable to attack and was an unsuitable location for a state capital. In 1847, the Michigan House of Representatives independently selected Lansing as the new state capital in response to the political bickering between the cities competing to become the new state capital. At the time, Lansing was a small community and many people present for the announcement that it was to become the new state capital snickered at the proclamation.

Lansing, MI, blossomed into an industrial powerhouse with the establishment of the Olds Motor Vehicle Company, now known as Oldsmobile. The tradition of automobile production carries on today with General Motors maintaining offices and a manufacturing plant in the city. In addition, other large corporations operating out of Lansing, MI include Auto-Owners Insurance Company, Jackson National Life Insurance Company and the Michigan Farm Bureau. Michigan State University, located in East Lansing, employs a substantial amount of people in the area as well.

Serving This Community With Dignity

There are no more qualified bondmen in Lansing, MI and across the state of Michigan than the professionals at All American Bail Bond Agency. Our unique combination of knowledge and skill allows us to provide you the highest level of service in the bail bonds industry. The first step you need to take to post bail in Lansing, MI is to pick up the phone and call a licensed bail agent. Trust the bail specialists at All American Bail Bond Agency to help you post bail in Lansing, MI.