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A County Defined by A Hero

Macomb County was the third county to be established and incorporated in the Michigan Territory in 1818. Shortly after in 1819 and 1820, pieces of Macomb County were divided into several other counties including Oakland, Lapeer, Genesee and St. Clair counties.

The county was given its name in honor of General Alexander Macomb Jr., who gained notoriety for his role in the Battle of Plattsburg during the War of 1812. General Macomb and his men were outnumbered by British troops by roughly seven to one. He understood that he was outnumbered significantly and devised a strategy that mitigated the imbalance of manpower. Macomb’s strategy was to move trees and create fake roads that led British forces to dead ends where they would be trapped and vulnerable to ambush by American forces. His efforts helped to stall the British advance and earned him praise as the “Hero of Plattsburg” as well as a Congressional Gold Medal.

Today, Macomb County is home to three of the top ten most populous communities in the state of Michigan. Warren, Sterling Heights and Clinton Township make up the third, fourth and tenth largest municipalities in terms of population respectively.

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