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The area that would become Southfield, MI was first surveyed in 1817. John Daniels would settle the area finally in 1823, and he would be joined by settlers from Birmingham, MI and Royal Oak, MI as well as settlers from Vermont and New York. The town was first known as Ossewa Township, but the name was changed a mere 17 days later to Southfield Township, taken from their location within the “south fields” of Bloomfield Township. The first post office was built and established in 1833, and the first recognized town hall was built during the year 1873. It would not be until April 6, 1942 that the Southfield Fire Department would be formally established, and the Southfield Police Department would not be established until 1953. The first city library in Southfield was opened on February 1, 1960. It had a sizeable collection of 10,000 books and was overseen by head librarian Mis Mae Benne. The city library was free to residents of Southlake while non-residents paid a $10 fee for a library card.Bail Bonds in Southfield, MI

We understand that being arrested is a stressful and confusing situation, and that’s why we are here. We are available 24 hours a day to help you return to freedom as quickly as possible. If you find yourself in an Oakland County jail and need to post bail in Southfield, MI, call us anytime – day or night – and we will take all the necessary steps to earn your release in a timely manner. We cannot dictate how quickly the jail will release you, but we can guarantee that we will take all the necessary steps to earn your release in a prompt and timely manner. [nw_data field=phone]

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If you find yourself placed under arrest in Oakland County, give All American Bail Bonds a call! We will help you post bail in Southfield, MI and earn your release as quickly as possible so you can continue going to work or school pending your trial.