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gavel in front of booksThe experienced bail bond agents at All American Bail Bond Agency are available whenever and wherever you need them across most of Michigan. Because arrests can occur at any hour, we stay open 24/7 in an effort to serve you better. We are prepared to write any bail for any crime. Each client has a diverse set of needs that vary depending on the offense they are charged with and their criminal history. Learn more about what the expert bondsmen at All American Bail Bond Agency can do for you, including helping you get bailed out today by calling our office. For the best bail bonds in Washtenaw County, turn to us.

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Prior to its organization in 1826, Washtenaw County was a series of loosely strung together trading outposts where French, British and American pioneers met with indigenous peoples and exchanged goods with one another. The first successful settlement on record was in present day Ypsilanti, founded by French fur traders in 1809. Today, the county is located in southeastern Michigan about 30 miles west of the city of Detroit.

Washtenaw County gets its name from an Ojibwe word that roughly translates to “far away waters”, describing what is now known as the Grand River.

Washtenaw County is home to two large institutions of higher education, the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti respectively. In addition to hosting these two large universities, these cities have the two largest populations within the county.

The United States Navy commissioned the building of a ship in 1951 that would later be named the USS Washtenaw County. She was originally designed as a Landing Ship Tank (LST) and would later be re-purposed as a Special Device Minesweeper (MSS). She proudly served the United States Navy from 1952 through 1973, including several years of service in the Vietnam War.

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Our principal office is located in nearby Detroit and we serve most of Michigan, including Washtenaw County. Don’t spend any more time in jail than you have to, contact the bail bonds professionals at All American Bail Bond Agency to get bailed out in Washtenaw County today. There is no bail amount that we can’t cover. Bail is your constitutional right as an American citizen, and allows the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” to hold meaning. Let us help you access that right and get bailed out fast.