Misconceptions About Bail Bonds

Misconceptions About Bail Bonds

Three Common Misconceptions About Bail Bonds.

Bail bond services, while pretty common, are still a confusing industry to understand for a lot of people. There are many rules and regulations, so it can be hard to know what is and isn’t true. Below we will set the record straight and discuss the common misconceptions about bail bonds.

You Will Be Charged Interest

Bail bondsmen are not allowed to charge their customers clients. The only time that a bail bond might fluctuate in price is when your bail payment is overdue or there are new developments in your case that change the price of the bail bond.

You Need To Pay In Cash

This is one of the most common misconceptions about bail bonds. People who are bailing out friends or family don’t necessarily have to pay in cash. They can pay with money orders, credit cards, or another form of payment. It will depend on the bail bond company that you choose.

You’ll Have to Pay the Full Amount

This is one that really scares people, but there is no need to worry. People who are paying bail only have to put down a certain percentage of the total amount of the bond. The percentage is typically 10-20% of the bond, but there are other factors to consider such as the type of crime, the county the crime was committed, priors the accused has, etc.

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