Restricting Rights of Felons

barbed wire prison fenceMost states in the U.S. restrict certain rights of convicted felons in some shape or form. Michigan is one of these states, so it is important to know your rights to continue living life to the fullest and exercising the rights you have been afforded. The exact terms of a felon’s sentence, parole, probation, or other conditions often determine which rights may be curtailed, but understanding the general rights of convicted felons in Michigan can help clarify this often muddled process.

Understanding Your Rights

Michigan typically restricts several rights of convicted felons. Felons are barred from voting while in prison, but voting rights are restored upon completion of the sentence. Felons are prohibited from possessing or obtaining firearms and are not permitted to carry concealed weapons. However, some felons may have their firearm privileges restored on a case by case basis. Convicted felons may not serve as a juror. Additionally, felons are often denied certain occupational licenses, such as Michigan casino or liquor licenses.

While these rights are often restricted from felons, in certain instances, these rights may be allowed or restored after probation or parole. That’s why understanding your rights carries such importance! Call our team today at (855) 264-2245 for questions about the rights of convicted felons!