Could Your Right to Bail Be Revoked?

Court JudgeBail is a right to everyone who is arrested, but there are some cases where posting bail may be denied. You will find that this usually happens when the crime committed was severe and requires the arrested person to remain in jail to ensure they show at their court appearance.

How are rights to bail, and the bail amount, determined?

In most cases, it is up to a court judge to decide whether the arrested person should be allowed to be released on bail. The judge will also determine the cash bail amount when allowing the person to post bail. A judge will consider many factors including the crime committed and past criminal history to determine both the rights to bail and how much the bail amount should be.

What prevents someone from posting bail?

When someone has their right to bail revoked, there are many factors that the judge would take into account to come to this decision. A common cause for bail to be denied is the crime that was committed. If the conviction could likely result in life in prison, or the death penalty, the arrestee will not be allowed out on bail and must remain in jail until their court date.

Other factors taken into account includes the safety of the community and determining whether a person could cause more harm if released early. A judge will also consider whether the person is a potential flight risk, and bail could be revoked to ensure that the person appears at court as required.

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