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hands handcuffed behind backBeing charged with battery can be overwhelming and challenging, which is all the more reason to trust the experienced professionals at All American Bail Bonds Agency to assist you with your battery bail bonds in McComb, MI. You may have questions concerning the nature of your charge and its relationship to the bail you need to get out of jail. Our staff is available to answer any of your questions or address any of your concerns regarding bail bonds or our services.

How is Battery Classified in Michigan?

In Michigan, battery is often paired with assault and categorized as “assault and battery.” This is because a battery is considered to be the completion of an act of violence that begins with the threat of assault. Assault only requires the threat of violence, but no actual harm needs to occur in order for an assault charge to be levied. Battery necessitates actual physical contact and injury.

There are various classes of battery offenses that are punishable by separate penalties, influenced by a series of factors. Normally, a judge determines bail by considering the nature and severity of the crime, whether or not the accused person is a flight risk, and a bail schedule. A bail schedule is a set of guidelines judges use to calculate bail amounts based on the criminal history of the accused and the crime committed. Usually, bail schedules are employed in common crimes in order to expedite the bond hearing.

Depending on the severity of the battery and who the battery was committed against there can be elevated levels of penalties. For instance, if you are convicted of battery against police officers, medical personnel, human services workers or search and rescue workers it is automatically upgraded to a felony charge punishable by two years in prison.

Typically, in addition to fines and jail time, being convicted of a battery in Michigan results in the defendant being required to pay restitution to the victim. This usually takes the form of reimbursing the battered person for any medical or counseling expenses they incurred as a result of the battery.

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