Probation Violation Bonds

police car lightsProbation offers a unique opportunity for an offender to return home and continue working in lieu of incarceration. The person on probation is given a set of requirements by the court they must meet to remain out of jail.

Should the offender fail to satisfy the conditions of their probation, they are committing another crime distinct from the one they were initially charged with. A probation violation charge can compound the issues faced by someone on probation. Allow the qualified and helpful bondsmen at All American Bail Bond Agency to handle your bail and alleviate some of your stress during this trying time. Call us to learn more about how we can assist with probation violation bonds in McComb, MI and northern Michigan today.

How Does Probation Work?

Probation is an alternative to incarceration where a convicted person is placed under the care of court officials called probation officers. Probation can also be required subsequent to the completion of incarceration. During this time period, the court imposes several obligations on the person sentenced to probation that must be met or the probationer may be returned to jail. While judges have a great deal of discretion when determining the conditions of an offender’s probation, some typical stipulations include:

  • Attend scheduled meetings with a probation officer
  • Continued employment or school attendance
  • Avoid contact with persons who have felonious histories
  • Comply with drug or alcohol tests administered by court officials
  • Do not possess firearms or illegal drugs
  • Pay court costs and fees
  • Inform your probation officer of any official contact with law enforcement officers
  • Remain in the state you are convicted in
  • Adhere to a curfew

This is not an exhaustive list of possible terms of probation, and judges can alter and modify the requirements of an individual probationer based on the details of their case. Typically, probation is more likely to be afforded to defendants without a prior criminal history and whose crimes are not considered dangerous than to a defendant with several convictions for violent crimes. Failure to fully comply with the provisions outlined by the court will result in further sanctions and can even land the offender back in jail.

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