Weapons Violations Bail Bonds

man pointing gunBeing arrested for violating weapons statutes can be draining and daunting. Gun and weapon ownership is strictly regulated, and breaches of these regulations carry stiff penalties. Don’t let your arrest overwhelm you. Call the expert bond agents at All American Bail Bond Agency and allow us to alleviate some of your anxiety by writing your bail bond and getting you out of jail fast.

As a veteran owned company, we understand that your constitutional rights of bail and gun ownership are integral expressions of freedom. Contact the bail professionals at All American Bail Bond Agency for weapons violations bail bonds in McComb, MI and most of Michigan.

Weapons Possession in Michigan

In Michigan, unless you have a license to carry a concealed pistol, it is illegal to carry an unregistered firearm on your person or in your vehicle even if it is not concealed. In addition, it is a felony to be in possession of a firearm while in the act of committing another crime or for convicted felons to buy, sell, possess or carry a firearm for a court determined period after their term has concluded.

What If I Have a Concealed Handgun License?

There are a wide variety of criminal offenses that apply to the sale, purchase, transport and possession of weapons in Michigan. Many of these statutes apply to firearms, and even those who have licenses to carry guns can be subject to violations, stemming from the possession of their firearm in an unlawful manner.

For instance, even though an individual may hold a license to carry a concealed handgun there are places where that person may not possess their firearm such as school zones, hospitals, sporting arenas and religious houses of worship. Moreover, even if you legally own your weapon, you can still be charged with illegal discharge for firing your gun in a reckless manner, such as in a crowded space or to celebrate a holiday.

Trust the Bail Bonds Experts

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