Tips For Posting Bail

hands cuffed in handcuffs The FBI estimates that there are over 12 million arrests made in the United States every year. That’s about one million arrests every month! While we all wish that bail bonds were unnecessary, these statistics demonstrate that they are a regular part of American life.

Whether you have just been arrested or have just received a call from a loved one who was arrested, you will need to know how to make bail. Because you may have a few questions about the bail process, the bondsmen from All American Bail Bond Agency have provided these tips for posting bail.

Stay As Calm As Possible

The best thing that you can do to help yourself or a loved one after an arrest is stay calm. Remaining calm will help you make level-headed decisions and communicate clearly with your bail agent and the staff at the detention facility. The more calm you are, the more effectively you will be able to work through your bail process, and the less time you or a loved one will spend behind bars.

Find A Trustworthy Bondsman

The state of Michigan requires bail bonds agents to be properly certified. You should only do business with a duly licensed bail bondsman. Feel free to ask any bail agent for their license when deciding which agency to help you make bail.

Go to Court

While the conditions of bail vary, there is one constant – defendants must appear in court to stand trial for the crime(s) they stand accused of committing. If a defendant does not show up for their scheduled hearings, they will be charged with the crime of failure to appear, and a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

Bail agents are not lawyers. While a bondsman can help you get out of jail after an arrest, a bondsman cannot represent you in a court of law. The bail bond agents from All American Bail Bond Agency recommend hiring a local criminal defense lawyer to assist you in building and executing your defense.