Tips For Safe Holiday Parties

Hosting a party during the holiday season? This is the time of year that the number of alcohol related accidents and arrests increase. Keep your guests safe by preparing in advance so everyone enjoys the night without incident.

holiday party

Having a large party? Hiring a bartender or having a designated person serving the alcoholic drinks is a good way to keep an eye on how many drinks are being consumed and cut off those who’ve had one too many.

Serve non-alcoholic drinks as well! That way there are plenty of options for those who would prefer to skip the alcohol. There are many ‘mocktail’ recipes available so you can provide the festive drinks without the worry of drinking too many. Make sure there are plenty of food available to snack on throughout the night. This will help keep people from drinking too much too quickly and help slow the effects that the alcohol will have on them.

If your party will be taking place late in the day at your home, consider giving your guests the option to stay the night so they can rest and sober up before attempting to drive. If some of your guests attempt to leave while intoxicated, call them a cab, take their keys, offer to let them stay the night if possible. It may be an awkward situation, but you are doing a good thing by keeping them safe and other people who are on the road that night.

The police will be out in force during the holidays looking for people who are driving while intoxicated. If you’ve found yourself, or a loved one, in jail due to drunk driving and can’t pay the bail amount – contact All American Bail Bond Agency today at 855.264.2245. We are available for DUI Bail Bonds in Detroit, MI and the whole northern Michigan area.