Top Reasons for Bond Revocation

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When you have been bonded out of jail, it can be a very comforting and relieving feeling. However, it’s important to follow the rules and guidelines of your bond in order to avoid bond revocation in which you must return to jail. Most bond contracts have the same basic requirements and rules. However, it’s important to read your contract carefully to ensure your full understanding of what’s expected. Below are some of the most common reason for bond revocation, and how to avoid them.


Leaving the Predetermined Area

With your bond, will come a specified area that you must remain in throughout the life of your agreement. This area could be specific to the city or county you were arrested in. Travelling outside this area can cause you to have your bond revoked immediately. Typically, however, your bondsman can give written permission for planned trips or excursions to prevent bond revocation.

Being Rearrested

If you are rearrested during a bond, you will most likely have your bond revoked. In all standard bonding contracts, rearrest is grounds for immediate termination of your bond contract. If you think you may have outstanding charges, discuss them with your bondsman and attorney before signing your bond agreement.

Not Showing up for Court

One of the most important components of your bond contract is to be present at all required court dates. When you have a bond and are not present at a court date, it is terms for immediate revocation of the bond and re-issuance of a warrant. If you think you are not going to make your court date, call the courts immediately to reschedule and let your bondsman know of any schedule changes.

When you or a loved one is out on bond, following each rule and guideline precisely is vital. Ensure you know all of the expectations of your bond, and follow them accurately to ensure that your bond stays set and you stay out of trouble. When you need advice or information about bonds in Detroit, MI or if you or a loved one need to be bonded, call the All American Bail Bond Agency at __PHONE__ to get the process started.