When Bail is Denied

jail cellsEvery so often, we will hear of a case in the news where a person accused of a crime will be held without bail. The U.S. Constitution provides the right to bail: how can this right be denied to some people? Here we discuss several factors that affect the process of deciding bail.

When a judge is deciding to set bail for a person accused of a crime, they thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding the charges and the accused person. One of the most important factors that influences if bail will be set is if the accused person will pose a safety threat to the community if released on bail to await trial. Other factors often include:

  • Likelihood the person accused will flee to avoid trial
  • Possibility the accused may destroy evidence if released
  • Family and community ties
  • History of drug and alcohol use
  • Finances
  • Prior criminal history
  • Mental state
  • Accused of a serious crime punishable by lengthy prison sentence or death

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